In Warlock’s quest to find the most forbidden tomes of power, his discovery of the black lotus scroll rendered him mad and corrupted his already twisted being.

His lust for destruction now knows no bounds. His very existence now threatens this new bloom.

With oblivion at the gates, Who will prevail?
For centuries rumors swirled within the candle lit halls of the Ultimyr academy regarding the Dark Lotus scroll, a long lost forbidden document that could conjure one of the most ancient evils residing in the depths of the Outer Hells. However just as much as this scroll’s rarity was coveted, it’s power was feared by many as too dangerous to conjure, it’s resting place best left to legend.
Undaunted by these warnings, for years Demnok Lannik sent his emissaries to explore every forgotten temple, unearth ancient burial grounds, and scour every dark corner of the world in order to add this legendary "scroll" to his dark collection. After years of fruitless search, even Lannik seemed to grow dubious of it’s existence, until one fateful trek into the darkest recesses of the Wailing Mountains.

In the depths of a long forgotten cave the remains of a conjurer clutched onto the coveted scroll. In his haste to examine the contents and authenticity of this scroll the one known as Warlock made a fateful mistake, uttering the ancient words of power that would conjure the emissary. A creation of such profound darkness that no mortal could possibly subjugate it. The corruption spread quickly, the madness took hold in the blink of an eye.

  • Emissary of the Dark Bloom comes with a full custom animation set for the Dark Lotus golem.
  • Only a handful of guardians now stand in the way of the Dark Emissary’s path of destruction. The guardians of the sacred temple of the Ram, Natures Prophet and Enchantress, as well as the unlikely ally in a desperate bid to stop one of his own kind, Axe.
  • Guardian of the Ram set comes with Jade Blossom treants, complete with a fully custom animation set.

  • Priestess of the Ram set for yielding off evil, for Enchantress.

  • Emissary of the Heavens set for Axe includes a polearm weapon and glorious facial hair style.
  • Two supporting creatures join this New Bloom to keep Warlock’s corrupted ambitions in check. Ky’lin the courier brings wealth, armaments and good fortune to any warrior on the battlefield, whereas the Sentry of the Ram ward bestows it’s purifying gaze to keep evil at bay.
    Imbued with great power, the Guardian Ram is housed in an isolated temple deep within the Wailing Mountains.

    Tasked with protecting the artifact, Furion and Enchantresss call the temple and it’s lush surrounding grounds their home.

    Sensing that this artifact might someday stifle his ambitions, a corrupted Warlock and his Dark Lotus golems set their sights on the destruction of this artifact.
    Celebrate your victory over the evils of yesteryear with the Temple of the Ram HUD. Subtle theming combined with a low impact color scheme. An excellent addition to any HUD library, and no distracting elements to keep you focused on that ranked game.